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Tap into Young People with KIK Messenger Bot Module

Let me ask you a quick question.

Do you want to get access to 275 million young people who can get on your list?

If the answer is yes, I have a very good news for you.

KIK app messenger just joined other major messenger apps and opened full access to their platform by messaging bots.

What is very interesting about Kik messenger app demographics is the fact that age of 70% of its users is below 24, and that around 40 percent of all teens in the U.S use its service.

Send Targeted Offers to a Segmented Audience

In other words Kik has particular stronghold among the youth, which is a demographic that is hotly sought after by brands and marketers alike.

That’s a hugely attractive segment, and Kik has already let some big brands serve up things like fashion recommendations and entertainment.

Kik also supports websites to show directly inside in-app browser which means that you can show full offer right inside Kik and sell the product without the user ever leaving messenger app.

There is massive number of products which sell great to young demographics so let me give you just a few ideas.

Generate Massive Profits from KIK App Bot Module

For example you can sell teespring t-shirts for which young demographic is the majority of buyers.

You can sell information products on any subject including internet marketing, job search, dating, or anything else young people are interested in.

Obviously you want access to users of all top messaging apps, but if you want specific access to young demographics nothing can replace Kik app.

So do not miss access to 275 million Kik messenger young users, get the bot module license now, and we will see you in the member area.

Checkout KIK Messenger Bot Module in Action

Special Limited Time Launch Discount

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